DIY gravitational waves with ‘[email protected]

Researchers hoping to better interpret data from the detection of gravitational waves generated by the collision of binary black holes are turning to the public for help. West Virginia University assistant professor Zachariah Etienne is leading what will soon become a global volunteer computing effort. The public will be invited to lend their own computers […]

NASA TV Coverage Set for April 17 Cygnus Launch to International Space Station

NASA’s commercial partner Northrop Grumman is scheduled to launch its Antares rocket carrying its Cygnus cargo spacecraft to the international Space Station at 4:46 p.m. EDT Wednesday, April 17. The launch, as well as briefings preceding and following liftoff, will air live on NASA Television and the agency’s website. Loaded with 7,500 pounds of research, crew supplies and hardware, this […]

Scientists think a new ‘super-Earth’ planet – six times larger than our own -is possibly orbiting the nearest star to our sun – but it would be too cold for life to exist

Astronomers say they may have detected a second planet around Proxima Centauri, our solar system’s nearest neighboring star The planet’s existence remains unconfirmed, for now Dubbed Proxima c, it would be a so-called super-Earth Its 1900-day orbit would also likely make it a frigid, inhospitable place Planet lies some 1.5x the distance from Proxima Centauri […]

Train your brain, change your brain

Scientists developed a technique for brain training capable to induce changes of neural networks in less than one hour. Less than one hour of brain training with neurofeedback leads to a strengthening of neural connections and communication among brain areas. This is the main finding of a new study conducted at D’Or Institute for Research […]